Metro Rental has the below linens and specialty fabrics for your special event or wedding. Please click on the fabric titles below to view the available styles.

Cott’n-Eze (Spun Polyester) Cott’n-Eze is our trademark 100% Spun Polyester. It provides the nice, soft feel of cotton with the easy care and durability of Polyester. Offered in 39 colors.

Value-Tex PolyesterValue-Tex Polyester, Polyester Solid fabric. Cloths up to 132” wide can be made seamless. Durable and easy to care for. Our most economical cloth is now available in 47 popular colors.

Supernova Shantung
A rich textured faux Silk Shantung in 100% polyester, 120″ wide and available in 27 colors. This fabric is certified flame retardant.


Our Panama texture adds a sense of simplicity to any event. Available in 16 natural colors.


Kaleidoscope, 100% Polyester, available in 9 unique color combinations. A modern day damask with intertwining bubbles which create a “kaleidoscope” effect.

Metallic Scroll

Metallic Scroll, 100% Polyester with a contemporary silver Metallic Scroll design. Available in 7 colors.

Somerset Damask

100% polyester damask comes in a scroll pattern for some added flair.
* For cloths wider than 72″ there are seams. Colors may vary slightly.

Wellington Damask

Suitable for any occasion, our popular 100% polyester damask is available in 90″ fabric widths (e.g. 90″ x 90″ or 90″ round) without seams. * For cloths wider than 90″ there are seams. Colors may vary slightly.

Doncaster Damask

For just the right touch, try this soft and distinguished damask made from a rich cotton/polyester blend. * For cloths wider than 54″ there are seams. Colors may vary slightly.

Beethoven Damask

Beethoven, 100% Polyester, traditional classic pattern available in 13 colors.

Chopan Damask

Chopin Damask, this long time favorite is now 120” wide and 100% Polyester. A bold damask scroll pattern, this tried and true classic is now available in 15 colors.


Spandex is the perfect fit for tables and chair covers. Made from a proprietary blend resulting in a product that is colorfast, stain resistant, and long lasting. Available in 16 colors.


Sequins, 54” wide stitched in a Helix pattern on taffeta. Available in 8 colors.

Crushed Velour

Crushed Velour, 100% Polyester. Excellent for drapes and crushed covers as well as tablecloths. This plush fabric is available in 8 colors.

Bengaline Moire

Bengaline Moire, 100% Polyester with a water mark design. Available in 23 colors.

Circle Taffeta

Circle Taffeta, Polyester Nylon Taffeta embroidered with circle patterns in complimentary colors. Available in 7 colors.

Poly Lace Lace

100% Polyester in a clove/clover leaf pattern. Available in White and Ivory.

 Tissue Lamé

Nylon Metallic. Available in Gold and Silver.

Picnic Check

Picnic Check, 100% Polyester gingham look. Available in 5 colors.

Poly Satin

Polyester Satin, perfect for weddings, this shiny Satin is 60” wide, Flame Retardant and comes in 19 colors. Certified Flame Retardant – It has passed the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) 701 test for flame resistance.


Organza, Polyester Nylon with a subtle sparkle. Available in 19 colors.

Satin Stripe

100% Polyester. 1” tone on tone woven stripe. Available in 8 colors.

Group A Fabric

Group A Fabric Width – 60″. 100% Polyester.

Group B Fabric

Group B Fabric Width – 60″. 100% Polyester.