Customer Pick-up and Return
Should you choose not to use our delivery services and will be picking up and returning at our store in Kill Devil Hills, please note the following:

1. Customer is responsible for the loading and unloading of all rental items; while Metro Rental employees may assist you, there is no guarantee on their availability.

2. Please arrive with sufficient means for transporting your rental items in a safe and efficient manner.

3. Be sure to have people capable of lifting and loading.

4. Metro Rental and/or employees are not liable for any damage to vehicles that may occur during the loading and unloading process.

5. Metro Rental is not open on Sunday for pick-up or return. Business hours are Monday through Saturday, 7:00 am – 5:00pm.

Our Rental Policy
All prices are based on availability and subject to change without notice. A deposit is required to make a confirmed reservation, and the price of the rental does not include delivery or breakdown charges. All charges are for one day and one event usage.

Delivery charges are based on distance, accessibility to delivery area and total amount or order. Other factors include; Sunday deliveries, specific time requests, rush requests, and before or after normal business hours delivery or pick up.

Customer Responsibilities
Customers are responsible for the security of all items being rented. All linens must be shaken out and placed in linen bag provided; do not use plastic bags. All glassware and china must be rinsed clean and racked as received. All silverware should be rinsed out clean; permanent damage will result if bleach or other chemicals are used. Trays and chafing pans must be completely clean. All tables and chairs must be folded and neatly stacked in an outside ground floor area accessible to our drivers.

The customer is responsible for any damage resulting from the use of tape or adhesives, staples, nails or using items for purposes other than intended.

Customers will be charged replacement cost for any items that are not returned or items that are returned damaged to the point that they are no longer usable.

Rental Service
We know your event is special to you and we want to make your experience with Metro Rental a pleasant one. Please feel free to call or visit our showroom for ideas, advice and assistance in planning your event.

During peak seasons, a minimum of 6 weeks notice may be required to reserve your items. It is recommended that you order as early as possible.

Delivery is available for all party rentals. Delivery charges are based on the amount of the order and distance to delivery location. Delivery does not include setup. All Frame tents, Pole tents, Staging and Dance Floor prices include set up and take down by Metro Rental labor only. Exceptional (ie: tents on decks, concrete or far from drop off area, etc.) setups may require additional labor charges.

Pick-ups and Returns
If you are picking up your order at Metro, please note that our store is not open on Sunday. If you are leaving the Outer Banks on Sunday, you must make arrangements to have someone return the items between 7 a.m. and 10 a.m. on Monday. Another option is to pay for delivery and pick-up; we will make arrangements to have the items picked up at the rental property. China, Silver, utensils, etc., should be rinsed free of food and All Linens repacked in the same containers as delivered.

Linens should be refuse free and dry to prevent staining and mildew, and folded neatly to facilitate counting.

Table and chairs should be folded and stacked.

All items should be accounted for and be in the original drop off location for pick up by our truck no later than the pre-arranged time.

Items not meeting these conditions are subject to additional fees.

Loss or Damage
Responsibility for equipment remains with the renter from the time of delivery to time of pickup. Please be sure items are secured when not in use and protected from the weather.

Rental insurance does not cover misuse or loss. If any items are damaged, they must be returned to avoid charges for replacement.

Proper Usage
No fasteners or adhesives (ie: staples, tape, nails, glue, etc.) on any rental item.

No candle wax, proper candle holders should be used to keep candle wax off linens and other rental items.

What is the difference between a Frame Tent and a Pole Tent?
A Pole Tent has tall poles holding up the center of the tent and should be figured into your floor plan. This tent also needs more room for ropes that come off the sides of the tent – at least 8 feet all the way around the tent. These ropes not only hold the tent down, they also hold the tent up.

A Frame Tent is a metal framed structure that supports the whole tent top and can fit into tighter areas, and can also be put up next to other frame tents because the ropes only come out a short distance. These ropes are only for holding the tent down.

To view our F.A.Q. page to answer your event planning questions, please click here.

Thank you for considering us.
Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.