What is the difference between a Frame Tent and a Pole Tent?
A Frame Tent is a metal framed structure that supports the whole tent top and can fit into tighter areas, and can also be put up next to other frame tents because the ropes only come out a short distance. These ropes are only for holding the tent down.

A Pole Tent has tall poles holding up the center of the tent and should be figured into your floor plan. This tent also needs more room for ropes that come off the sides of the tent – at least 8 feet all the way around the tent. These ropes not only hold the tent down, they also hold the tent up.

Tent Sizes & Floorplans

Tent Sizes in Square Feet Square Footage
15 x 15 225
16 x 16 256
16 x 24 384
15 x 15 225
16 x 32 512
16 x 40 640
20 x 20 400
20 x 30 600
20 x 40 800
20 x 50 1000
40 x 40 1600
40 x 60 2400
40 x 80 3200
30 x 30 900
30 x 40 1200
30 x 45 640
30 x 40 1200
30 x 45 1350
30 x 50 1500
30 x 60 1800
30 x 75 2100


Tent Floor Plans

Sample floor plans in various sizes are shown below. Seating capacities are based on using 5′ round tables of eight people each. Eliminate some round tables to provide space for buffet tables, head tables, dance floor, bars & staging.


Table & Seating Information

Stand Up Cockail 5 – 6 Sq. Ft. per person
Cocktail (Partial Seating): 8 Sq. Ft. per person
Buffet Dinner (Partial Seating): 8 Sq. Ft. per person
Cathedral Seating:
Row Seating: 5 – 6 Sq. Ft. per person
Sit Down Dinner:
4′ Round Tables of Six-Eight 14-11 Sq. Ft. per person
5′ Round Tables of Eight-Ten 15-12 Sq. Ft. per person
8′ Rectangular Tables 10 Sq. Ft. per person
8′ Rectangular Tables 8 Sq. Ft. per person
Table Seating Capacity:
30″ Round: Seats 2-3
36″ (3 foot) Round or Square Seats 3-4
48″ (4 foot) Round: Seats 6-8
60″ (5 foot) Round: Seats 8-10
8’x30″ Rectangle/Banquet: Seats 8-10
6’x30″ Rectangle/Banquet: Seats 8
Dance Area 2 Sq Ft. per person
Disc Jockey 50 Sq Ft. per DJ table
Band Area 10 Sq Ft. per person
Drums 20 Sq Ft.
Piano – Spinet 30 Sq Ft.
Piano – Grand 100 Sq Ft.
Head Table of Four 100 Sq Ft.
Bar Area 100 Sq Ft.


Seating Diagrams

Round Tables

Allow between tables for chair space and food service.


Banquet / Rectangular Tables
Allow between tables for back-to-back seating. Allow between tables for seating on one side of table only.


Chairs – Cathedral Seating

Allow between rows. Allow for aisles.


Customer Pick-up & Return

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