Sizes shown are for polyester solids only and that all other linens will be priced accordingly.
Napkins supplied in Cott’n-Eze when available
Banquet Cloth, 60 x 120in.
Banquet Cloth, 90 x 132in.
Banquet Cloth, 90 x 156in.
Round Cloth, 90in.
Round Cloth, 96in.
Round Cloth, 108in.
Round Cloth, 120in.
Round Cloth, 132in.
Square Cloth, 60in.x 60in
Square Cloth, 70in.x 70in.
Square Cloth, 90in. x 90in.
96 x 96in. w/ Rounder Corners
Skirting, per foot
Napkins, 20 x 20in.
Table Runners
Skirting comes with clips. Table cloth clips for outdoor events are available by request only.